Humtracks announces release of music video cut of Joe Glasman’s: ‘Can We Go There Again?’

Music video cut of Joe Glasman’s: ‘Can We Go There Again?’ released

Meet Lily, a powerful, self-possessed woman who finds herself now a mess of exultation, remorse and melancholy. Who is she? What has she done?

Lily’s dilemma is captured in this haunting and compelling song by Joe Glasman, featuring vocals by Isobel Anderson.

Taken from Joe’s score for the eponymous film ‘Can We Go There Again?’, Humtracks is proud to present this new music video cut by the Pressburg Project.

Single out now on Humtracks – listen here on Spotify

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Humtracks releases video of Eva Katharina’s ‘Let You Go (A Farewell)’

Humtracks video release

Humtracks is proud to announce the video release for: ‘Let You Go (A Farewell)’.

A beautiful and eerie song by Eva Katharina, the video – directed by Jack Kinross – poignantly explores a dreamscape of loss after love, and superbly evokes the haunting feeling of what once was.

The track is taken from the album ‘Salt-Sand Wave’ released on Humtracks on October 11th. Hear it on Spotify

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Hum Tracks soundtrack nominated for 2019 Mark Awards & Production Music Awards


We’re delighted to announce that Natasha Tyrimos’s ‘Wishing Well’, released on Hum Tracks earlier this year, is a nominated soundtrack finalist at this year’s Mark Awards in L.A. and now the Production Music Awards in London.

This magical, spooky and sumptuous song was synced worldwide for G2A’s spot: ‘You Lose If You Overpay’. A simple listen explains not only why this is a great sync but why Natasha’s fantastical song, with its filmic arrangement and sparkling vocals, has made it to Los Angeles – and now London – for the Production Music industry’s biggest annual awards.

Hum Tracks MD Joe Glasman said: “This nomination puts down a perfect marker for our young label and its ambitions to produce “Quirky, unexpected and wondrous music”.

“It’s a brilliantly intuitive placement by Magda and her team at Jaguarec, and a deserved reward for Natasha, who worked so hard with us to make a cinematic song album of great depth-both musically and lyrically.”

Now Streaming on Spotify, iTunes and all major online players.

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Hum Tracks signs global deal with BMG Production Music


Joe Glasman of Hum Tracks with BMG’s John Clifford pictured at BMG’s London offices after signing the deal

Hum Tracks is delighted to announce that from January 1st 2019, Hum Tracks will be represented globally by BMG Production music.

Joe Glasman, MD of Hum Tracks said: “I visited the BMG teams not just in London, but in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam, and was left in no doubt that they are all fully behind the Hum Tracks label and get what we’re trying to do. Besides, it’s clear that John and his team are set to become the new world super-power of Production Music and we’re thrilled to be hitching our musical wagon to their rising star.”

John Clifford, BMG Production Music SVP Global – Sales, Marketing & Repertoire and UK Managing Director, said: “There’s no doubt that Hum Tracks, with their fresh and unexpected take on music to picture are set to become a key asset to BMG Production Music worldwide, and we’re delighted to have them onboard”


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Hum Tracks June 2018 showreel: not just about the music, but who we are and how our catalogue works

Hum Tracks 2018 Showreel

A run through Hum Tracks’ catalogue of Quirky, Unexpected and Wondrous music, with a behind-the-scenes look at how versatile and practical our catalogue also is: particularly perfect for our publishers, as well as writers hoping to contribute to our catalogue.


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Out on Hum Tracks! ‘Bawling Metropolis’ by The High Bawlers

Bawling Metropolis by The High Bawlers

The Soundtrack to your inner craziness …… an album of bizarre vibes for when you go nuts

“All aboard a mad train loaded up with energy & flavour – mashing up funk, gypsy & techno as it crashes & careers down the track.”

“Don’t do this at home. Actually, do this anywhere. Anywhere things are a little crazy!”

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Hum Tracks releases: ‘Dark Science’ by Kamil Braszka

Dark Science by Kamil Braszka

Other worldly compositions in noise …. Sound-designed soundscapes that speak of sinister technologies, the dark web, artificial intelligence and the nameless outer reaches of space.

Kamil Braszka has produced a tour-de-force – true, structured musical compositions in no key, the world of noise ordered: unsettling and yet powerfully structured.

A soundtrack world of the mysterious, eerie, solemn, menacing and hypnotic

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Humtracks releases ‘Memoirs Of A Projectionist’ by Paul Housden

‘Memoirs Of A Projectionist’ – Eerie 70’s inspired pop bringing together the cosmic funk, cinematic psychedelia, and smooth airy harmonies – with a dark introspective lyrical twist.

“The best place to view an aching, lonely heart is where Paul Housden places it, in the nostalgic glow of bright neon lights and a sunshine soundtrack” Humtracks MD Joe Glasman

Originally from Melbourne, London-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Housden draws on his obsession with 70’s music and cinema with the release of his second album Memoirs Of A Projectionist. The loose concept album recounts the lonely tales of a movie projectionist, evoking everything from blaxploitation chase scenes to space-age cocktail parties, while the narrator watches the reels roll on with a detached gaze.

Overflowing with haunting harmonies, colourful synths, fuzz guitars, and Steely Dan-esque grooves, Memoirs perfectly captures the nuances of the era, leading us on a vivid journey through the red-light streets of Taxi Driver and beyond!

Hear the album

See the video of the eponymous title track: ‘Memoirs Of A Perfectionist’

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Humtracks releases “We Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll” by The Pink Diamond Revue

The Pink Diamond Revue’s “We Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll”

Our recent release of this electro sonic beat punk extravaganza, features Tim Lane, Robert Courtman-Stock and the mesmerising Acid Dol.

“Electro-dance, mutant Rock’n’Roll: soundtracks for the 21st Century”

Regulars of the British festival circuit, headlining the alternative stage at Forever Sun and Salisbury Arts Festival in 2016, what’s key to Pink Diamond Review’s show is the use of film projection, imagery, lighting and their ever-present front-woman, Acid Dol.

Label owner Joe Glasman says: “Pink Diamond Revue are a one off – their live show is created to work hand-in-hand with on-stage imagery, making it that rare thing: a brilliant and authentic live act creating sync friendly music.”

‘‘60s film soundtracks meet sampladelic acid house in a baggy-punk rathole somewhere in the Interzone.’’ Gappy Tooth 2016

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New out and coming soon on Humtracks – Spring 2017

A fabulous selection of Humtracks’ new work for this Spring

We’re delighted to announce our recent releases. Some of these were already set free at the start of the year, others are coming soon, but they’re all hitting our target to produce quirky, unexpected and wondrous music – by artists – that works strangely well to picture.

Work already released includes the incredible electro-beat-punk Pink Diamond Revue’s “We Don’t Play Rock & Roll”; the awe-inspiring Sky 76’s “Emotional Level”; Tronsonic’s poetic “Nightskyness”; and Bootlegger’s mind-stickery “Play It Like Madly”.

Completed and cued for release soon are Paul Housden’s gorgeous “Memoirs of a Projectionist” – recalling a golden age of Library music; Patrick Friel’s “Transasia” evokes an East-West love affair; Boss of the Woods’ “Mystic Pulse” the Yetis stalking the woods and Double Drop’s electrifying post-dubstep eponymous EP are all completed.

Exciting times at Humtracks! Enjoy!

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