Humtracks releases ‘Memoirs Of A Perfectionist’ by Paul Housden

‘Memoirs Of A Projectionist’ – Eerie 70’s inspired pop bringing together the cosmic funk, cinematic psychedelia, and smooth airy harmonies – with a dark introspective lyrical twist.

“The best place to view an aching, lonely heart is where Paul Housden places it, in the nostalgic glow of bright neon lights and a sunshine soundtrack” Humtracks MD Joe Glasman

Originally from Melbourne, London-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Housden draws on his obsession with 70’s music and cinema with the release of his second album Memoirs Of A Projectionist. The loose concept album recounts the lonely tales of a movie projectionist, evoking everything from blaxploitation chase scenes to space-age cocktail parties, while the narrator watches the reels roll on with a detached gaze.

Overflowing with haunting harmonies, colourful synths, fuzz guitars, and Steely Dan-esque grooves, Memoirs perfectly captures the nuances of the era, leading us on a vivid journey through the red-light streets of Taxi Driver and beyond!

Hear the album

See the video of the eponymous title track: ‘Memoirs Of A Perfectionist’

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Humtracks releases “We Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll” by The Pink Diamond Revue

The Pink Diamond Revue’s “We Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll”

Our recent release of this electro sonic beat punk extravaganza, features Tim Lane, Robert Courtman-Stock and the mesmerising Acid Dol.

“Electro-dance, mutant Rock’n’Roll: soundtracks for the 21st Century”

Regulars of the British festival circuit, headlining the alternative stage at Forever Sun and Salisbury Arts Festival in 2016, what’s key to Pink Diamond Review’s show is the use of film projection, imagery, lighting and their ever-present front-woman, Acid Dol.

Label owner Joe Glasman says: “Pink Diamond Revue are a one off – their live show is created to work hand-in-hand with on-stage imagery, making it that rare thing: a brilliant and authentic live act creating sync friendly music.”

‘‘60s film soundtracks meet sampladelic acid house in a baggy-punk rathole somewhere in the Interzone.’’ Gappy Tooth 2016

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New out and coming soon on Humtracks – Spring 2017

A fabulous selection of Humtracks’ new work for this Spring

We’re delighted to announce our recent releases. Some of these were already set free at the start of the year, others are coming soon, but they’re all hitting our target to produce quirky, unexpected and wondrous music – by artists – that works strangely well to picture.

Work already released includes the incredible electro-beat-punk Pink Diamond Revue’s “We Don’t Play Rock & Roll”; the awe-inspiring Sky 76’s “Emotional Level”; Tronsonic’s poetic “Nightskyness”; and Bootlegger’s mind-stickery “Play It Like Madly”.

Completed and cued for release soon are Paul Housden’s gorgeous “Memoirs of a Projectionist” – recalling a golden age of Library music; Patrick Friel’s “Transasia” evokes an East-West love affair; Boss of the Woods’ “Mystic Pulse” the Yetis stalking the woods and Double Drop’s electrifying post-dubstep eponymous EP are all completed.

Exciting times at Humtracks! Enjoy!

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All about Humtracks – in just 15 seconds!

Works strangely well for picture ….

We’re thrilled with this short animated video that sums up what our Humtracks label is all about: quirky, unexpected and wondrous music – by artists – that works strangely well to picture.

We don’t apologise for how short it is – it was the result of a lot of hard work distilling exactly what we’re doing with our label: working with uniquely talented writers to produce exceptional and unusual music that has that magic something that makes it work so well for the moving image.

We hope you like the results which were executed brilliantly by Argentinian designer Florencia Lorea. Enjoy!

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Roll Tape: Soundtrack to a Haunting

Roll Tape: The Soundtrack To A Haunting
From the mysterious and fertile hills and valleys of the Isle of Wight, comes an enigmatic new band: Roll Tape, with their debut album.

Roll Tape came to our attention last year and we were immediately drawn to their other-worldly sound, which blends found and traditional instruments, retro-synths and the dark art that is circuit bending … With shades of Eno, Pink Floyd and Coldplay, weird and definitely odd … Roll Tape’s music is somehow both unsettling and comforting. Featuring a bunch of objects that are barely nameable, yet producing an album nonetheless based on live performance … Roll Tape have created something remarkable out of …… things lying around.

Hum are proud to have released the album on our label Hum Tracks, and it’s now available on iTunes, Spotify and the rest. Any sync queries, please get in touch directly with us. Thanks for listening, and if you’d like, stay with us here and soak up the very strange but lovely atmosphere for a few minutes more ….

(this blog updates an earlier post)

Listen on: Spotify / iTunes

View this work in Music Library ->

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Hum launches mentoring service

Hum launches mentoring service for music graduates

Making the transition from music graduate to pro: how do you convert your musical ability into a career? Hum’s MD Joe Glasman has launched a one-to-one mentoring service for those starting out, providing them with personalised career development advice vital for making the transition to professional freelance composer.

Joe has for many years offered internships for music graduates at Hum, and in association with the Universities of Leeds and Huddersfield, has provided placements for music students on their ‘year in industry’ programmes. Having received so many requests for advice, he has now decided to offer guidance and mentoring on a formal basis.

Further details are available from a dedicated website

Joe Glasman says:

“After years of mentoring interns and year-in-industry students at Hum, I’ve realised that music degrees – while offering basic education on business affairs and on core music education, miss something vital. That is: how a particular individual musician’s skills and aspirations can be most effectively tailored to the realities of the professional music world. Of all the areas of professional music, where should they apply pressure, and how? How do they exploit their key skills to greatest effect? What do they personally need to understand about how those areas of the industry are structured and what kinds of contracts and negotiating is involved?

This is about helping them understand key aspects of the business and its structures that are relevant to them, but also – vitally – is about advising them on how to develop their existing writing and producing in order to acquire the golden key to professional work: a clear and distinctive musical voice.

I’ve learned that just a few hours of guidance based on a composer’s existing portfolio and ambitions can save years of labouring under misapprehensions about where he or she should direct their efforts.

It’s incredibly fulfilling passing on my knowledge and mentoring younger composers. The music industry is – if anything – more complex and challenging than it was when I started out, and I’m always gratified when I can work to help aspiring composers to enjoy the kind of career I’ve had.”

You can read more detail about the service here.

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Hum wins music award at New York Festivals

‘Classroom’ score by Joe Glasman at Hum wins finalist award at New York Festivals

Over the last year, millions have heard our arrangement of ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ for this spot, and we’re thrilled to have now won a Finalist Award at the New York Festivals last week, in the Music & Sound Design category.

With entries from 89 countries, competition was fierce and we’re delighted to have won this award.

Joe Glasman chose to use a vulnerable, young innocent voice and a simple, poignant arrangement of the classic ’Sweet Child O’Mine’, saying: ‘The more we stripped back the music, the more silence around the voice, the greater the impact the score made with picture’

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Hum Tracks: A boutique music library … tailor made for commercials

The Hum Tracks production music library:

• is based on our ‘short story’ expertise in commercials: making genuine beginning, middle and end pieces that really work at 30″ or a minute, as well as full-length versions.

• is high production value and award winning. Hum has won no less than thirty awards for music across the globe including Clios, Mobius awards, D&AD, Promax and many more.

• is niche and unique … we’ve worked hard to refine our offering and define a place in it for what we do best.

• is not cheap out of the box music. Ours is the world of the quirky, the off-beam, the humorous, of British understatement.

In a world of bewildering amounts of music, Hum’s is a library that understands what it takes to provide producers with a genuine choice. We have the uniqueness, the high production values and the expertise in commercials that will dramatically improve your chances of finding that ever-elusive piece of music.

Please do get in touch and we’d be delighted to show you what we can do for you. Or browse our library here. Thank you.

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