Humtracks releases ‘Memoirs Of A Projectionist’ by Paul Housden

“The best place to view an aching, lonely heart is where Paul Housden places it, in the nostalgic glow of bright neon lights and a sunshine soundtrack” Humtracks MD Joe Glasman

Originally from Melbourne, London-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Housden draws on his obsession with 70’s music and cinema with the release of his second album Memoirs Of A Projectionist. The loose concept album recounts the lonely tales of a movie projectionist, evoking everything from blaxploitation chase scenes to space-age cocktail parties, while the narrator watches the reels roll on with a detached gaze.

Overflowing with haunting harmonies, colourful synths, fuzz guitars, and Steely Dan-esque grooves, Memoirs perfectly captures the nuances of the era, leading us on a vivid journey through the red-light streets of Taxi Driver and beyond!

Hear the album

See the video of the eponymous title track: ‘Memoirs Of A Perfectionist’

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