The Power of 7: How to brand a TV channel with music

The Power of 7: How to brand a TV channel with music

Video transcript

Here’s all about how we created the audio channel branding for La 7, one of Italy’s most popular TV channels

La Sette wanted a vibrant, modern rebrand. They wanted to take their No. 7 logo and film it in familiar outdoor locations across Italy.

So here’s the question: what’s the sound of that?

Well we said, let’s start with a beat …

Let’s give that four-on-the-floor an uncommon twist – and shake it at seven beats to the bar

Now let’s give it: a distinctive seven-note tune.

The idents are a celebration of Italy’s outdoor spaces, so let’s give it a festival vibe …

And as this is a cool channel, let’s give it an indie sound – and voila, your first ident!

Phew, now we’ve done all that, let’s start playing with it for some of the other outdoor settings …

For an Italian family …

For a national obsession …

Or stripped down.

Ok, now we’ve got a really successful piece of audio channel branding, let’s move it on. Here comes summer!

And here comes Christmas.

And then, well, if your branding’s still doing really well, why not see where else you can take it

And that’s how you brand a TV channel with music.

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