Hum Tracks: New Artist Releases

Hum Tracks: New Artist Releases

Video transcript

Hi, this is Joe Glasman at Hum. As many of you will already know Hum’s now added a synch catalogue – Humtracks – featuring thousands of high production value exclusive tracks – and we’re now delighted to announce our first batch of artist releases on our Humtracks label.

First up: Oberon–One Half of US No.1 Dance Chart-Toppers Solarity, we’re absolutely thrilled to have an EP signed up exclusively to Humtracks, on iTunes and of course available for Synch from us.

More for a Ballroom dancefloor than a Club dancefloor, we’re also releasing an EP from the Oval Orchestra, here’s the cutest Cha Cha Cha: You Are My Bu Bu Bu, featuring the evergreen Christian Marsac.

And between those two extremes, we’ve some pure pop, Rayz Parayz. I just know there’s a sync out there for a song called ‘It’s All About Me’.

Coming back to our instrumental releases, and this new addition is a gem, from the composer Sam Gale, ‘Grazing in the Summer’ has one of those haunting and beautiful melodies you never forget.

Finally in Hum News, not an original but a cover. We were asked to record ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ for a spot, and discovered that no-one had ever recorded a modern African pop version of it, so we did. We were really lucky to get to work with Luyanda Jezile, an amazing singer hailing from the townships of South Africa

Hope you’ve enjoyed it and thanks very much for listening.

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