Music score for DOE Road Safety “Classroom” – spotlight on Joe Glasman at Hum, London as YouTube views hit millions

Music for DOE Road Safety “Classroom” – score by Joe Glasman at Hum

Our rendering of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ seems to have hit the spot for this film, as millions around the world tune in to see, hear and join in the road safety debate. Arranger and Producer Joe Glasman said: ‘Discovering our singer Laura, an unknown 15 year-old schoolgirl, was key – a mature voice that carries the tune beautifully but also betrays a haunting, vulnerable innocence. The more we stripped back the music, the more silence around the voice, the greater the impact the score made with picture’.

YouTube views have hit two million in just seven days, and with multiple news outlets also featuring the spot, more than ten million people are estimated to have heard it already.

A feature on the making of the music follows here.

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