Aubaine: Ooh La La. Audio Branding – the playlist

Aubaine: Ooh La La. Audio Branding – the playlist

Joe Glasman, Hum: Hi, this is Joe Glasman at Hum. Hum is a multi-award winning music production company with clients such as the BBC, Sky, British Telecom, Red Bee, Exxon and many more. One of our key areas of expertise is Audio Branding, and as part of that we also take care of the audio requirements of clients who need continuous play music in public places such as restaurants and the retail sector. Here’s an example.

Up-market Aubaine approached us last year to take charge of its playlists. They’re a French themed restaurant group based in West London locations like Knightsbridge and Mayfair, providing elegant, chic and relaxed dining all day long.

But when it came to the music, we all felt Aubaine needed to be as fresh as its pastries. We didn’t want to drown them in a clichéd sea of Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour. They wanted a buzz. The playlists, featuring artists such as Bonobo, Camille and St Germain were about 95% contemporary. Classics were served up as smooth remixes. On top of that, we created four different playlists to reflect the time of day, from chilled breakfast to dynamic night-time vibe.

Here’s our team leader on the project, Stef Patch.

Stef Patch, Team Leader: Aubaine presented us with a really niche style, which was an exciting project to get into. I researched the brand and the outlets and got a real feel for the style. First we found artists like Feist and Skeewiff that captured the daily atmosphere that they were looking for, then we injected some wildcards like The xx and Nina Simone to really push the boundaries of the playlist.

We’re always collaborative. We really loved working with Marie at Aubaine, because she loves her music and she understands her clientele.

Marie Dumeau, Project Manager, Aubaine: It was great to work with Hum, and we’ve built a very nice relationship.

They really listened to us and understood what we want and what we are.

The playlists were so good that I have to say I saw a few people – our staff and the customers – singing and dancing and honestly I love it!

Stef Patch, Team Leader: This isn’t only about the customers, it’s also about the staff. When we went back to check once the playlists had gone in, the staff were really excited to tell us that they wanted to check what song had played for their own collection, so that’s a great sign.

Joe Glasman, Hum: If you’d like to hear more about Hum’s work and how we might be able to help you, then please get in touch … and if you’re passing Aubaine, I can thoroughly recommend it. Sante!

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