Humtracks releases “We Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll” by The Pink Diamond Revue

The Pink Diamond Revue’s “We Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll”

Our recent release of this electro sonic beat punk extravaganza, features Tim Lane, Robert Courtman-Stock and the mesmerising Acid Dol.

“Electro-dance, mutant Rock’n’Roll: soundtracks for the 21st Century”

Regulars of the British festival circuit, headlining the alternative stage at Forever Sun and Salisbury Arts Festival in 2016, what’s key to Pink Diamond Review’s show is the use of film projection, imagery, lighting and their ever-present front-woman, Acid Dol.

Label owner Joe Glasman says: “Pink Diamond Revue are a one off – their live show is created to work hand-in-hand with on-stage imagery, making it that rare thing: a brilliant and authentic live act creating sync friendly music.”

‘‘60s film soundtracks meet sampladelic acid house in a baggy-punk rathole somewhere in the Interzone.’’ Gappy Tooth 2016

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