Hum Tracks: A boutique music library … tailor made for commercials

The Hum Tracks production music library:

• is based on our ‘short story’ expertise in commercials: making genuine beginning, middle and end pieces that really work at 30″ or a minute, as well as full-length versions.

• is high production value and award winning. Hum has won no less than thirty awards for music across the globe including Clios, Mobius awards, D&AD, Promax and many more.

• is niche and unique … we’ve worked hard to refine our offering and define a place in it for what we do best.

• is not cheap out of the box music. Ours is the world of the quirky, the off-beam, the humorous, of British understatement.

In a world of bewildering amounts of music, Hum’s is a library that understands what it takes to provide producers with a genuine choice. We have the uniqueness, the high production values and the expertise in commercials that will dramatically improve your chances of finding that ever-elusive piece of music.

Please do get in touch and we’d be delighted to show you what we can do for you. Or browse our library here. Thank you.

2020 © Hum - by Joe Glasman