Cielo channel launch

We’ve just completed the audio branding for Cielo – a cool job which ended up as a kind of album project – please have a look.

‘A great mini-album of contemporary music, as big a pleasure to make with Joe as it is to listen to’ Matt Penney, Creative Director, Dunning Penney Jones


“Here at Hum we’ve just completed the audio branding for Cielo, an Italian channel owned by Newscorp.  the designers are Dunning Penney Jones.

Visually the channel’s strongly branded so the idea we came up with was to create our own Rock’n’Roll band, record a mini album and then each ident would feature a different track off that album.

We worked on this with the great Anglo-Italian guitarist John Parricelli, he’s also the guy who played mandolin on Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

On some of the tracks what we asked John to do was to play electric guitar but using a mandolin technique.  We think this has given the Cielo soundtrack an Italian quality but with a modern twist.”

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