New out and coming soon on Humtracks – Spring 2017

A fabulous selection of Humtracks’ new work for this Spring

We’re delighted to announce our recent releases. Some of these were already set free at the start of the year, others are coming soon, but they’re all hitting our target to produce quirky, unexpected and wondrous music – by artists – that works strangely well to picture.

Work already released includes the incredible electro-beat-punk Pink Diamond Revue’s “We Don’t Play Rock & Roll”; the awe-inspiring Sky 76’s “Emotional Level”; Tronsonic’s poetic “Nightskyness”; and Bootlegger’s mind-stickery “Play It Like Madly”.

Completed and cued for release soon are Paul Housden’s gorgeous “Memoirs of a Projectionist” – recalling a golden age of Library music; Patrick Friel’s “Transasia” evokes an East-West love affair; Boss of the Woods’ “Mystic Pulse” the Yetis stalking the woods and Double Drop’s electrifying post-dubstep eponymous EP are all completed.

Exciting times at Humtracks! Enjoy!

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