RTÉ2 – how to do music to picture … better?

RTÉ2 – how to do music to picture … better?

If you’re watching TV in Ireland, you might see this … This, on the other hand, is RTÉ2.

We’re really proud of the end result, but what’s particularly great about this job was the process itself.

There are two standard routes for putting music to picture: The filmic approach – a score for finished pictures, or the pop video approach, finished music that you edit to.

But it can be done differently! Better, even!

The starting idea visually was to speak to 18-24s using a dashboard of imagery from their own lives that mirrored social media.

So what’s the sound of that?

Our idea was to create tracks that featured a bunch of quirky beats and sounds that would ping off any given image … but that would also have enough coherence to bind together all those images – using styles that resonate with the age group.

Then our demos were taken on location, giving the shoot a musical backdrop. The designer then did the first edit of images with sound, sent it to us, and the process continued, back and forth, sound and imagery getting inextricably linked by a magical process that defies analysis.

It sounds SO simple, but including the creation of music at the start of the process and keeping it part of the process is still radical … and the key result is to have created something unique with picture: and that truly has a place in the business not only of branding, but in this increasingly pastiche world, any creative endeavour.

Here’s some more from the set, thanks for listening and enjoy

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“….a really exciting process working hand-in-hand which pushed the end result far beyond expectations” Katy Clemmans, Design Director, Red Bee Media

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