UBS: Bringing a Brand to Screen

UBS: Bringing a Brand to Screen


Joe Glasman, Hum: This is the story of how to take a simple sequence of notes and magnify its range and reach. It’s also about the expanding role for audio in helping an organisation communicate in a way previously reserved only for major broadcasters. Settle back with a Toblerone, because in this case it’s the story of Hum’s work for Swiss Bank, UBS.

UBS needed to communicate with their customers, within the company on a global scale, and they needed to inform the world in general about the positive things they do in sponsoring sports and the arts.

The big idea? – was to unify all these communications in the same way a large and diversified TV channel network would. And a TV channel needs smart audio branding.

Our first job, was a familiar one. Breathe life into a simple sequence of notes, embed the brand values in musical form, and score THAT to picture.

But from there the job was about adapting that approach to the ten or so different strands of UBS’s communications – here’s some of them.

Matt Penney, Brand Agency Dunning Penney Jones: What was needed was an audio partner, and an audio partner that understands brands as well as music scoring. Hum is simply one of those companies’s that just knows how it’s done.

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