Roll Tape: Soundtrack to a Haunting

Roll Tape: The Soundtrack To A Haunting

From the mysterious and fertile hills and valleys of the Isle of Wight, comes an enigmatic new band: Roll Tape, with their debut album.

Roll Tape came to our attention last year and we were immediately drawn to their other-worldly sound, which blends found and traditional instruments, retro-synths and the dark art that is circuit bending … With shades of Eno, Pink Floyd and Coldplay, weird and definitely odd … Roll Tape’s music is somehow both unsettling and comforting. Featuring a bunch of objects that are barely nameable, yet producing an album nonetheless based on live performance … Roll Tape have created something remarkable out of …… things lying around.

Hum are proud to have released the album on our label Hum Tracks, and it’s now available on iTunes, Spotify and the rest. Any sync queries, please get in touch directly with us. Thanks for listening, and if you’d like, stay with us here and soak up the very strange but lovely atmosphere for a few minutes more ….

(this blog updates an earlier post)

Listen on: Spotify / iTunes

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