Lebara ‘The Call of Africa’

Lebara ‘The Call of Africa’

Video transcript

Why do people think that audio branding for commercials can only be about some kind of ‘Intel’ moment tagged at the end? Well, in collaboration with the very smart Richard Hayter at CST The Gate, we’ve grabbed the new holy grail of commercial audio – a score to picture soundtrack for a spot that also serves as audio branding for a cross media campaign.

First, here’s the spot for Lebara Mobile. Featuring the legendary African footballer George Weah and a goalmouth full of drums. Shot in South Africa by Ron Scalpello and lovingly produced by Serena Freeman.

Here’s why we think it’s a great example of how audio can work so much more effectively for clients instead of being an entertaining post-production afterthought.

The core audio brand signature was developed before the shoot, enabling the footballers to choreograph their movement to the rhythm.

This piece of audio was then spun off to be used to promote the campaign through ringtones, on apps and games and on a variety of audio-only media.

The campaign is designed to entice ex-pat Africans all over Europe to call home, and right now the media schedule is being overlapped with the African Cup of Nations football tournament. May the best team win, as long as generally in football it’s Tottenham Hotspur. Thanks for listening.

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