Hum song for Road Safety spot

‘Mess’ Song composed by Joe Glasman

In this highly unusual and moving spot, the camera moves through many visual interpretations of what it means to be riveted by the gaze of another, from a lover’s tender look to one of damning bitterness. Hum was commissioned by agency Lyle Bailie to create a song that carries the listener through that journey, visually and emotionally.

“ From gentle love to cascading chaos and carnage, this compelling song written by Joe Glasman, builds in its relentlessness and intensity with an almost hypnotic rhythm which, once heard, is impossible to forget”. Julie Anne Bailie, Creative Director

” To compose a song from scratch takes real skill but to then make it hit picture cues – that takes real talent “ Syd Macartney, Director

2020 © Hum - by Joe Glasman