Volvo S80 ‘Unseen Road’ on air

‘Unseen Road’ Volvo S80

The unseen road ahead for this car’s journey from the snows of Scandinavia to Europe’s sunny south is mysteriously strewn with unanswered questions – will it save someone’s life?

Chris and Peter at Euro RSCG Fuel gave me the freedom (thank you!) to write a filmic and atmospheric piece conveying the mystery of future unseen events – in practice describing the qualities of a car that has the on-board technology to adapt to road hazards in advance.

“I think our new Volvo S80 spot has immense stand out, not least because of the music….Joe at Hum understood what we were looking for straight away and got it on the first try. That freshness is there in the track. It hasn’t been constructed by committee, it’s been conjured up single-handedly by a damn fine composer.” Chris Aldhous, Creative Director, Euro RSCG Fuel London

2020 © Hum - by Joe Glasman