Hum launches mentoring service

Hum launches mentoring service for music graduates

Making the transition from music graduate to pro: how do you convert your musical ability into a career? Hum’s MD Joe Glasman has launched a one-to-one mentoring service for those starting out, providing them with personalised career development advice vital for making the transition to professional freelance composer.

Joe has for many years offered internships for music graduates at Hum, and in association with the Universities of Leeds and Huddersfield, has provided placements for music students on their ‘year in industry’ programmes. Having received so many requests for advice, he has now decided to offer guidance and mentoring on a formal basis.

Further details are available from a dedicated website

Joe Glasman says:

“After years of mentoring interns and year-in-industry students at Hum, I’ve realised that music degrees – while offering basic education on business affairs and on core music education, miss something vital. That is: how a particular individual musician’s skills and aspirations can be most effectively tailored to the realities of the professional music world. Of all the areas of professional music, where should they apply pressure, and how? How do they exploit their key skills to greatest effect? What do they personally need to understand about how those areas of the industry are structured and what kinds of contracts and negotiating is involved?

This is about helping them understand key aspects of the business and its structures that are relevant to them, but also – vitally – is about advising them on how to develop their existing writing and producing in order to acquire the golden key to professional work: a clear and distinctive musical voice.

I’ve learned that just a few hours of guidance based on a composer’s existing portfolio and ambitions can save years of labouring under misapprehensions about where he or she should direct their efforts.

It’s incredibly fulfilling passing on my knowledge and mentoring younger composers. The music industry is – if anything – more complex and challenging than it was when I started out, and I’m always gratified when I can work to help aspiring composers to enjoy the kind of career I’ve had.”

You can read more detail about the service here.

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