Ziggy Sullivin

A dark and delirious exploration of madness, a classic rocker’s review of insanity rendered with black humour

Cajun Provocateur

Christian Marsac

Cajun, Blues and Rock influences combine in a set of good-time songs and instrumentals straight out of the Bayou

A Thousand Miles

Natasha Tyrimos

Magical, mystical songs of yearning and enchantment, conjoured by spellbinding female lead vocals and film-score orchestration.

Salt-Sand Wave

Eva Katharina

A sweetly melancholic essay on love and loss, featuring haunting and tender female vocals.

Double Drop

Double Drop

Uplifting and positive jazz-soul songs featuring trippy, dubstep-influenced soundscapes, female soul vocals and rap elements.

Memoirs of a Projectionist

Paul Housden

Library-inspired 70s lounge songs featuring lush vocals and smooth, sunny jazz-funk grooves, topped with melancholic lyrics.


Lounging on Decks

Vadim Chelnokov

Cruise across the soundwaves on a quirky voyage where smooth lounge sounds meet hip hop beats

Alone into Silence

Adam Goldsmith

One person alone, wandering with their thoughts, in either a literal or metaphorical wilderness

Spirits of Lumninescence

Freddie Prest

An extraordinary fusion of epic orchestral film scoring and modern beats, majestically conjuring otherworldly encounters

Drifting on Summer Water

Boulishious Bird

Drifting on a lake in summer sunshine, the sparkle of sunlight on the water’s surface; a hammock on a quiet beachfront, a puppy, a loved one, a quiet moment.


Dobs Vye

Fun, quirky and hummable tunes, often featuring a naive, childlike simplicity and comically surreal twists

Reaching for Up

Giovanni Luca Silvestri

Moving relentlessly toward some unseen horizon, electronic beats and soaring guitars fuse on an inspirational, uplifting and motivational journey.

Fretboard Flavas

Kremer vs Goldsmith

From Bouzouki to Banjo, from Surf to Sitar, fretboards collide in a diabolical duel between two maestros of the plectrum.

Tink Tonk

Paul Parker

Fun, exuberant, quirky and vivid pop-rock that jumps right out of the speaker - featuring fast-picking electric guitars and surprising, often humorous riffs.



Dark and digital-Futurebass, Epic Cinematic Electronic and Dark Club sounds organically collide; featuring epic impacts, powerful motifs and strong cut points

Toptastic Tuba

Christian Marsac

A light, quirky and melodic ride led by a truly toptastic Tuba through a variety of styles: Rumba, Ska, Hoedown, Cajun and more

Dark Science

Kamil Braszka

Sound-design soundscapes that speak of sinister technology, artificial intelligence and the outer reaches of space.

Bawling Metropolis

The High Bawlers

All aboard a mad train loaded up with energy & flavour - mashing up funk, gypsy & techno as it crashes & careers down the track.

Emotional Level

Sky 76

Soaring & unearthly textures conjour epic worlds beyond imagination.



A spectacular display of synthesizer poetry arcing the night sky: unearthly, strange, brilliant and cinematic.

Swing It Like Madly


A swingbeat suite with a catchy twist: swing madly side to side, but the beat is most definitely up!

Soundtrack to a Haunting

Hum Tracks

Brooding, extraordinary soundscapes featuring found instruments, circuit bending and dark rock textures.

Piano Solo

Hum Tracks

A variety of styles and moods, perfectly performed on solo piano.

Slow Dancin’

Hum Tracks

Slow, romantic or sometimes downright sexy vibes to light up an old-school glow.


Hum Tracks

A gently comic soft centre selection from Pop's past.


Patrick Friel

English boy meets Japanese girl, Western film scoring meets Asian instruments, to tell an unexpected and wonderful story.


Hum Tracks

Instrumental Pop: fun instrumental pop vibes, to pep your picture party.

And All That Jazz

Hum Tracks

Classic Jazz: cool but not Cool, always the funny-man synced against straight pictures.

A Slight Kink

Hum Tracks

Quirky & Cool: Off the beaten track, with a touch of groove. An album for black sheep to get down to.


Hum Tracks

Fantasy & Adventure: Soar away on a flying carpet to a magical kingdom - meet a fairy and fight dragons!

Weird & Wonderful

Hum Tracks

Strange and unsettling: a twilight zone of soundscapes, with a hint of alien abduction.

Daytime Breeze

Hum Tracks

Light & Easy: As broadcast from the sofas of daytime TV.

Boss of the Woods

Mystic Pulse

A roadtrip on the wild side: every shade of rock's psychedelic pleasure - dreamy, dark, and delirious.

Get Down Y’All

Hum Tracks

Funk, Blues & Hip-Hop: an alternative take on old-school grooves.

A Soft Landing

Hum Tracks

Chilled: Cool relaxing grooves with a tranquil, but subtly unexpected touch: the alternative soundtrack for a dawn party.

Behind You!

Hum Tracks

Suspense & Tension: Orchestral and contemporary shivers, with the odd touch of horror.

Hip To That

Hum Tracks

Cool and Modern Jazz cuts featuring some hip remix modes - and a wry vibe synced to picture.


Hum Tracks

Poignant & Reflective: Poignant, grand and reflective filmic cues, often realised in unexpected ways.


Hum Tracks

Action/Percussive: Your V8 injected with Adrenaline. Follow that car!


Hum Tracks

Cute & Carefree: Happy and innocent music with an almost childlike quality - plus the occasional surprise!


Hum Tracks

Comedy & Novelty: get your silly, your bonkers and zany here. Madness!

Make Some Noise

Hum Tracks

Dance: Dubstep, House and what’s biting on the dancefloor now.


Hum Tracks

Lounge, Easy & Disco: Big band bossa, quirky 60s and 70s film-scoring, with a dollop of cheesy disco to go.

Groove Abstraction

Hum Tracks

Dark & Filmic grooves: Sophisticated, intriguing soundscapes with a subtly twisted feel.

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