UKTV Style Gardens

UKTV Style Gardens

Multi-award winning series of thematic scores for UK digital channel, directed by Jason Keeley.

Joe Glasman’s tongue in cheek score takes delight in having passion plants intertwine to Tarantino-esque guitars, ferns swaying on their own Celebrity Plant Come Dancing, and exquisite blooms flowering to a lush groove.

Joe Glasman / Hum awarded: BDA World Gold, 3 Promax World Golds, Design Week award, Royal Television Society Award.

Creative Director Brian Eley said:“Our work for UKTV Style Gardens relies heavily on Joe’s music. He created a musical equivalent to our playful use of garden tools, finding exactly the right musical genre for each sequence. Garden hoses become sleazy characters snaking through the undergrowth and trowels a chorus line of hip-swaying latin dancers. The visuals alone are not enough. A true collaboration between animator and composer.”

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