The Sound of You: Chapter 4

The Sound Of You | Chapter 4: The science bit

What we know about sound, sensation and the human brain has changed … we all know how powerful music is, but now we also know that a combination of audio and other media can have an effect greater than the sum of the parts. We can provide you with the evidence on request but here’s an interesting taster.

The radical chef Heston Blumenthal conducted a quirky controlled research project with Oxford University at his restaurant, which concluded that playing the sound of the sea to his customers made his oyster dishes taste better.

This kind of research into multisensory experience shows that the brain lights up so much more when it experiences two or more senses being stimulated together rather than one.

The combination of new technology and neurophysiology research findings opens up the possibility for new immersive environments for sound, both in place and in time.

So, instead of just producing an audio logo, we can create an audio river that runs right through your consumers’ experience. And we call that: Soundtracking the DNA of your brand.

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