The Sound of You: Chapter 3

The Sound Of You | Chapter 3: More Case Studies

And to go a little deeper, here are more examples of how Hum has created audio branding, and just how varied it can be.

In the case of Exxon Mobil’s ‘We’re drivers too’ global campaign, we went in a new direction to help unify their diverse commercials and audio. Instead of a 3 second ‘Intel’ moment, we wrote a longer 11 note tune, suitable to be woven into any underscore for any commercial. The tune was sent to arrangers around the world and used across media for every kind of score in every territory, from the US to the Far East.

And sometimes Audio branding is simple, if it’s about the movies, you do the movies.

And with Italian channel La7, we created a piece of live rock’n’roll, remixed every which way to define a young confident channel. And just for the record, it’s a 7-note theme, played in 7 beats to the bar.

Some brands’ audio is made memorable by simply being entertaining.

And some brands are not multi anything, they just have just one location and one place to be heard.

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