The Sound of You: Chapter 1

The Sound Of You | Chapter 1: Why Audio Branding?

Once upon a time, in a Galaxy far far away, composers were hired to write music to picture.

Music and audio were part of post production, the after-thought, and music was written in the film language of story telling.

But something fundamental has changed that renders this whole approach to audio production the wrong way up. And the leading factor in this change has been the proliferation of technologies.

First there are the new media themselves – the internet, broadband, 3 and 4G, and then there’s the physical devices – from laptops, smartphones, netbooks, iPads, billboards that trigger sound as you walk past on the street, hyper-directional speakers that can isolate music in small spaces, and new devices coming out all the time. They all have speakers and if they haven’t, they can wirelessly access them.

You as a brand can – and will – be heard everywhere.

Consider also that audio is probably already being used in your organization, and without being unified, it’s probably sending out a patchwork of possibly confusing messages, even negative ones.

So there’s a powerful case to be made for identifying all of your brand’s potential audio touchpoints and unifying the message. In other words, the attention you already give to consistency in your brand’s visual expression, now needs to be given to your audio.

And all of that raises a huge question: what is the Sound of You?

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