Old School Reinvented

Old School Reinvented

A review of several audio branding commissions.

And the theme is: Old School: reinvented, or: Black, is the new black

In so many of the jobs we’ve been a part of, Hum has contributed conceptual ideas that bring out the values of a brand in an innovative way – but if audio branding is about the ‘essence’ of a brand or a product, surely Simplicity is king and sometimes ‘doing the obvious’ is not wrong, it’s just a case of: It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

Here’s a couple of good examples, in the old school terminology: a jingle and a pastiche.

First up is La7d. Red Bee produced a series of surreal, fun, and quirky landscapes … tailored to the channel’s predominantly young and female audience. Light, breezy and fun … so, what’s more light, breezy and fun than a catchy tune?

And here’s the point, yes, it’s a tune, but no, it’s not a jingle, because the music has a beating heart, a cool jazzy song, with a quirky, retro, fresh vibe that feels like it’s a perfect match for the images and the brand.

Here’s a parallel example – musical pastiche. The story here is Sky Cinema Italia, a channel dedicated to those who love Movies. So what the heck, Cue lights, camera, action!

We hope the many hours of painstaking work in these scores shine through – because if you’re going to go down this route, the challenge is to flawlessly evoke the emotional place you want to take your audience too.

Judge for yourselves, and enjoy the rest.

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