Eden Channel

Audio branding for a natural history channel broadcasting – among other things – the best of the BBC’s wildlife documentary output.

 Hum’s response to the brief was to create intimate natural soundscapes, transporting the listener to the place the images symbolically describe. At the same time, we combined these generic sounds with distinctive audio elements to create identifiable audio branding.

 ‘”The new channel idents for Eden create an abstract, highly visual landscape, using bold graphic shapes, re-defining them within new and unexplored worlds, rich with colour and texture. 

 Drawing on these themes, Joe at Hum produced a truly stunning soundscape, to help us transport the audience into these “unknown” landscapes.  The audio augments the pictures perfectly and taps into something deeply visceral, elemental and most importantly for us, emotional about the natural world …. creating something meaningful and magical, with which we couldn’t be happier.”

 Kevin Hill, Creative Director, Red Bee Media

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