CCTV9 Peter and the Wolf go to China

CCTV-9: Peter and the Wolf go to China

So here’s a tale of some wee beasties, and some ground-breaking work for China’s CCTV-9 Channel that’s won us some awards.

Particularly, it’s a neat story about how a musical motif can be adapted to create a whole suite of music – binding a channel’s sound together in a similar way to how a motif would in a movie … Thematic composition? Audio branding? Well, Both! (– is there a difference?)

So, our story starts with some of the work we’d already done for Beijing production company, Brand Energies and their Designer-Director Sandy MacMillan. CCTV-9 is China’s second biggest channel with an average domestic audience of some 90 million.

So, we’d already created some grand scale work for the channel, incorporating this musical motif which we’d called ‘the rising line … ‘

Well we thought it would be fun to see if we could have that very grand motif work for our teeny Beasties too.

That was really liked by the client, and from there we went a bit Peter and the Wolf – working our way through the orchestra and giving each Beastie his own voice.

The work broke new ground for Chinese TV, and won awards for the channel and all those involved, in fact these are our Promax Global and Asia awards.

Finally, to play you out, here’s the compilation sequence made to celebrate our all star cast. Thanks for listening!

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