Bald composer goes to the hairstyling ball (with Shilpa)

Bald composer goes to the hairstyling ball (with Shilpa)

Here at Hum it’s not just about Camden Town’s frankly grubby streets and bald composers, we occasionally do get a glimpse of stardust.

The brief here was luxuriant glamour rendered in a modern way.

… my ends not only split but they ran off quite a while back, so, while not really my kind of product personally, creating the music and Sound design for this Pan Continental project was a lot of fun.

The campaign stretched from India through Thailand to the Philippines, taking in each country’s most glamorous actresses and celebs.

… and we leave you with the fab Filipina actress Erich Gonzales strutting her stuff, and the thought that, occasionally, even someone like me gets to go to the hairstyling ball!

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